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What is PLCcloud?

PLСсloud is a simple mechanism of remote automation systems monitoring and control.

This means you can monitor the working process of automated control systems, get messages concerning inner system events and control the system state from any place in the world via Internet.

PLCcloud allows you to save system state data with >=1 second intrval during a desired period of time for a necessary term. PLCcloud implements mechanisms of remote event logging and data analysis.

How does it work?

PLC is connected to PLCcloud at the programming application layer. That means a PLC programmer doesn't need any special network and communication skills. He only needs to use simple plccloud functions and define the actions to be executed. All the work concerning information transfer and securing is up to PLCcloud. A programmer should only include the plccloud library to the project, log in the system using necessary passwords and define the desired action.

An accessible example is available in the «Documentation» section.

What is PLCcloud good at?

PLCcloud functions can be divided into two groups. The first group would contain the features provided by the library for PLC. The second one would keep the functions intended for a PLCcloud user (operator).

PLCcloud provides a possiblity of:

  • monitoring of all PLC variables in the binary, decimal, hexadecimal display mode;
  • logging variable states with consequent graphical dispaly and export to files;
  • text and code messages transfer with different alarm levels;
  • versatile data management.

PLC requirements

  • Internet access
  • Programmability in CoDeSys V3.5
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